Teeth-Staining: Foods and Beverages You Should Avoid to Keep Your Smile Looking Bright

Teeth-Staining: Foods and Beverages You Should Avoid to Keep Your Smile Looking Bright

Almost everyone would love to leave a lasting first impression on everyone they meet. They say a smile is one of the most memorable facial features. It stands to reason that if you have a brilliantly white smile, it is possible for you to leave a lasting impression. For this reason, many people seek teeth whitening in Westport, CT.

Teeth whitening is at the heart of the smile makeovers that people seek. It is the crème de la crème of cosmetic dentistry in Westport, CT.

However, before you go looking for teeth whitening, a procedure we offer under cosmetic dentistry in Westport, CT, let’s learn more about how your teeth get stained.

How Do Teeth Get Stained?

For starters, as a general rule of thumb, whatever food that can stain a white t-shirt can stain your teeth. Having this principle in mind, think of all the foods and drinks you indulge in, and you might know what is causing the yellowing of your teeth.

You need to bear three factors in mind, which contribute to the darkening of your teeth: Chromogens, tannins, and acids. These components are found in common foods and beverages that either stain the teeth or weaken the enamel making it easier for the stains to set in. These three are responsible for causing extrinsic stains.

Speaking of stains; there are three main types of stains that you need to know:

Extrinsic Stains

These are superficial stains, which simply means that they occur on your tooth’s surface. They cause yellow or mild brown spots that arise mainly by what we consume. These stains can easily be removed by teeth cleaning and a session or two of professional teeth whitening.

Intrinsic Stains

These stains occur below the enamel or surface of the teeth. These stains do not come out easily with teeth bleaching. If whitening doesn’t work, then veneers become the next viable solution.

Age-Related Stains

These stains combine both intrinsic and extrinsic stains. This is because the dentin yellows with age, and the enamel also become thinner, exposing the dentin’s yellowish hue. At the same time, the foods and beverages we consume stain the teeth over time, hence the reason why most adults will have discolored teeth.

What Beverages Stain Your Teeth?

Here are some of the beverages that stain teeth:

  • Coffee. This is one of the drinks that are notorious for staining teeth. It might be difficult to let go of coffee, but you can limit it to two cups a day or add some milk to your coffee.
  • Tea. Black tea is no better. This is even worse for your teeth than coffee. Again, if you must indulge, follow the same advice as above.
  • Wine. The dark colors and acidity in red wine make it a high-risk drink. White wine will not stain your teeth, but the acid levels are high, meaning it will weaken the enamel, increasing the chances of staining your teeth.
  • Fizzy drinks. These drinks are full of color and highly acidic; it is best to avoid them entirely.
  • Fruit juices. These have high acid levels in them and can weaken your enamel.

What Foods Stain Your Teeth?

Some of the foods you need to avoid are:

  • Dark condiments. Tomato sauce, soy sauce, and balsamic vinegar all have color and acidity, meaning that they can stain your teeth.
  • Candy. Just think of the color of your lips or tongue after eating colorful candy. These should be avoided since they can stain your teeth.

Tobacco is worth mentioning on this list. As a matter of fact, it sits atop this list of staining substances. Regardless of how you take it, be it you smoke it, chew it, or vape it, tobacco will stain your teeth. Avoid tobacco if you want your teeth to remain white after a whitening treatment.

Enjoy Your Smile

When you visit our Westport dentist, you will learn more about how to keep your smile bright. You can contact us at Advanced Dental of Westport CT to schedule an appointment if you are looking to brighten your smile.