Dental Bridges in Westport, CT

Dental Bridges in Westport, CT

At Advanced Dental Of Westport, CT in Westport, CT, patient care comes first. We emphasize the importance of preventive dentistry to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and similar health problems, but our staff also understands that accidents happen. One of the most common in the United States is the loss of a permanent tooth, which can be caused by physical injury, gum infection, or even regular tooth decay.

Permanent tooth loss is a major issue because it causes a variety of physical and emotional problems.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), the average citizen of the United States has lost twelve of their teeth by the age of 50. When visiting a dentist in Westport, CT, we can help through restorative dentistry that is customized and focused on your needs. One of the best options currently available is the dental bridge.

What Are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is an appliance composed of a synthetic tooth called a pontic, which is attached to the mouth through crowns, an implant, or basic wires. The bridge can be permanent or temporary, meaning it can be taken in and out as needed.

The goal of the dental bridge is to replace missing teeth with a false equivalent that functions like the original. With a bridge, you will be able to eat, chew, speak, and smile normally with a full mouth of teeth. Plus, you can stave off physical and emotional issues like facial collapse, jawbone thinning, and poor self-confidence.

Who Can Receive a Bridge?

Dental bridges are available to individuals who are missing at least one tooth and have healthy gums. When you visit a dentist near you in Westport, CT, our skilled staff will examine your mouth to make sure you don’t have any underlying health problems like gum disease, a thinned jawbone, or infections. These conditions don’t disqualify you from receiving a bridge, but we will treat these issues before fitting you.

How Long Does Getting a Bridge Take?

One characteristic we pride ourselves on being able to make high-quality bridges quickly. After your initial fitting, the bridge is completed in two weeks and ready to be fitted and installed. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation!

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